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Providing Great Value through Great Service

Asiantech Global Pte Ltd is one of the leading regional value-added boutique distributors in Southeast Asia, specialising in enterprise IT solutions. We focus on promoting advanced networking and telecommunication products, as well as security solutions for multi-level networks of varying degrees of complexity.

Asiantech Global provides a broad spectrum of value-added services that provide multiple competitive advantages for our partners. We believe that this is important for small and medium-sized system integrators who may not have sufficient resources or experience in dealing with complex projects and extensive product lineups.

Being a regional company provides us with the many beneficial commercial advantages and ability to leverage on cross-borders resources and networks. This also enables the company to easily adapt to local market conditions, and to achieve regional agreements that translates to higher profits for our partners.


Asiantech Global aims to accelerate its partners’ success by connecting the world’s leading technology vendors with our partners. We provide cost-effective value-added products, services and solutions to resellers, systems integrators and service providers. Our Partners' success is Asiantech Global’s success!

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